Jesus is Coming Soon! Jesus Returns

Jesus is Coming! | Did Many People Disappear?

The signs of the times — nature, society, spiritual, technology, political, Israel — all point to the soon return of Jesus Christ. Are you ready? Find out why we are living on borrowed time.

The Passion of Jesus in Prophecy Program

The Passion of Jesus in Prophecy

Was the crucifixion of Jesus written about in detail a thousand years before it happened? Find out with Dr. David Reagan and Nathan Jones on television's "Christ in Prophecy."

Eternity: Heaven or Hell? TV Offers

Eternity: Heaven or Hell?

What will happen when you die? This and many other questions about death and its aftermath are dealt with in this book, based upon biblical answers. $15 Book.

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The Blood Moon Mania Read More Articles

The Blood Moon Mania

Are the coming Blood moons a legitimate prophetic sign or mere hype? Find out in this special edition article by Dr. David Reagan!

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